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Looking for a fic

I'm looking for a fic again.
In this fic Giles and Dawn are attacked by the Knights of Byzantium. Giles gets taken en Dawn manages to escape.
I don't remember if this is a stand alone fic, or part of a larger series.
Hope someone can help me locate it.

Looking for old fics

Hi. I am posting any b/g sites I can find because my hard drive crashed and I am trying to rebuild my fan fic archives. I figure if I post enough, something will be answered. Any help in locating old fan fics would be appreciated. But recently some old ones have popped into my head that I can't locate on or

It is a 2 part series. Buffy is under aged but is in a sort of bdsm relationship with Giles and in the 1st part it ends with them going to a state that allows underage marriage without parental consent. 2nd part has Buffy going home late and Giles waiting for her. He spanks her in such a way that Buffy thinks he is really mad at her and panics into using her safe word.

Any ideas on where to find that would be appreciated. Also any ideas on old websites would also be appreciated.



Looking for a fic series repost


I was just wondering if anyone could tell me where to find a really, really old fic series called The Harvest of Time. It was written sometime around 1999. It is comprised of:
Harvest of Time
Reaping the Harvest
Red Flame

My hard drive crashed and some of my stories turned into gibberish. So I am trying to track down some of them to fix them.

Thanks for any help.

Need help rebuilding my Buffy/Giles Archive


I need help rebuilding my Buffy/Giles archive. My hard drive crashed and I lost all of it. I found most of my favorites. Some stories just popped into my head. They are as follows:

1. Giles is forced to chaperone a school dance/party? He is dressed in a red coat or something and everyone drools about his appearance. I think it was inspired by some old pics of Anthony Head in gothic style clothes

2. It is an pg13 or R rated fanfic. It is a Buffy/Giles/Faith thing. Something to do with the Slyer/s going into heat/lust for the Watcher once a year. It would be Buffy's first time

3. An adult fic. It is a Buffy/Giles/Willow (Faith?) fic. Established threesome relationship. They are in bed watching a sports game (football?). They are very enthusiastic

They are very old stories.

Also, any websites would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help you can provide

BG fic


I've been looking for a fic I read ages ago. It involves B/G having a sexual relationship which has them passing out due to a feedback loop formed by a bond between the two. They travel to england and meet with a coven for assistance with the bond. Which results in th having to stop having sex because the bond is too strong, which they ignore. Also, the head if the coven knows giles from before and is protective of him.

Any help is appreciated,


Hey guys,

I really hope you can help me, i am looking for a story where buffy tells giles she loves him, however he kinda rejects her by telling her that he does not see her that way. She tries over time to persuade him and at the end she gives him a ulitmatum by telling him that if she walks out the door, she will never mention it again and it will never be. Than she walks to the door slowly and opens it. She looks into the cold dark night but than he pulls her back in ( on time)

Any idea how this fic is called, i read it a long time ago and i lost it out of sight and i desperatly tried to find it. If u can help me your my new hero :)
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Looking for a fic

The fic I am looking for takes place right after Chosen. The gang spends some time camping in the desert for Robin and some others to recover. It is then when Giles and Buffy admit their feelings for each other. Thanks!

Need help finding a fic....

I read this fic a long time ago and can't remember where I read it, or who wrote it, or really much of the plot. I think it's the beginning of Buffy and Giles' relationship, and for some reason she's worried about them sleeping together because she doesn't know what he's into. One day when he's not there, she ends up tearing apart his room trying to find his porn stash. He comes home and is really pissed. Starts grabbing books and throwing them on the bed, then goes downstairs. Buffy starts to look through some of the books and realizes that of course Giles would read his porn.

This could be just one part of a really long story or could be by itself, I can't remember. I've been reading through all these stories on all different sites trying to find it and I'm so close to giving up hope...

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A different kind of request...

But, I'm a mod so what are you going to do? LOL

What I'm looking for are fics that have been made downloadable, ie- epub, pdf etc, for tablets & e-readers. I know that antennapedia has made some like this on her site, but are there any other sites and/or fics?

ETA: Annnnd, now I feel like a dumbass cos I found the button on AO3 to do this exact thing. But, what about older fics that aren't up there?

ETA 2: Electric Boogaloo- I did end up doing a copy/paste and using Calibre last night, but I wanted it done for me... *whines*